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​​​VIP Global, private aviation transportation

​​​​​​Private Aviation

VIP Global understands what it takes to exceed the expectations of private aviation travelers.

What sets VIP Global apart from other “limo companies” is our ability to consistently stay on top of each reservation even at peak times.  We track each reservation from wheels up to wheels down.  If a flight is not able to be tracked, we go the extra mile and contact the orginal FBO to get the accurate wheels up time.  If flight is delayed, we will contact the booker to give him/her the option to move the pick-up time or keep it as is.  We are in constant communication with FBO’s, airports, and chauffeurs.  We can provide 15 or 30 minute spot times based on your needs.  We will only assign VIP chauffeurs and newer blk/blk vehicles to this vertical of business.  The chauffeur will always sign into the FBO’s chauffeur log and will greet passenger(s) in the lobby or on the tarmac depending on your instruction.​​