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​​​​​​Road Shows

We understand that attention to detail and being proactive are more important in this vertical than almost any other. ​​​

Road shows are some of the most prestigious forms of global ground transportation. They are multi-city tours taken by a company and their investment banking partner to prepare for an IPO or venture capital funding project.  Usually, there are two to five passengers including the company’s management team CEO, COO or CFO. They will be accompanied by representatives from the investment banking partner. Details are confirmed with the banker, who keeps track of the schedule and appointments.  

​The booker for the bank is the conduit for all communications between the investment bank, the road show desk, as well as the driver. Our VIP chauffeurs are trained to support the booker and ensure that their reputation for road sho​w service delivery within their organization remains intact.  Our chauffeurs accept full responsibility in providing routes with the least amount of traffic, and shortest distance to stay on schedule and arrive at each stop on time.​

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