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Businesswoman with suitcase waiting in airport

Greeter Services

VIP Global offers two levels of service to assist in airport passenger coordination:

VIP Airport Concierge Greeting Service

Professionally dressed teams of concierge greeters will guide, inform and coordinate your clients to/from their vehicles and report directly to booker or your dispatch center. The clients will explore and enjoy a top service experience.

​Arrivals: VIP Airport Concierge will greet passenger(s) at aircraft gate past the security check point.  They will offer to handle carry-on bags up until passenger is escorted curbside to vehicle.

​​Departures: VIP Airport Concierge will monitor the flight, and coordinate with chauffeur to greet passenger(s) curbside on departure level.  Passenger(s) will receive expedited check-in and boarding pass issuance. Record locator number will need to be provided in order to pre-check passenger(s) and luggage. Greeter will have luggage cart and will handle luggage until checked, and also assist with any carry-on bags. Passenger(s) will be escorted through the security check point to the aircraft terminal gate. If time permits, passenger(s) may also be escorted to an airline premier club to relax in peace and luxury until boarding time.

Standard Airport Greeter

This is standard airport greeting service without all the bells and whistles. This is offered at a lower price than VIP Airport Concierge greeting service. 

Arrivals:   Greeter will greet passenger(s) at security gate or baggage carousel, assist with luggage, and coordinate a seamless curbside pick-up with chauffeur.  A standard airport greeter can be used in teams to coordinate curbside pick-ups for meeting/event groups or single passengers.

Departures:   Greeter will greet passenger(s) curbside, assist with luggage, assist with check-in, and escort to the security gate.  

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